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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

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Njeri Jarvis, MS/RD/LDN.

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I help active, busy professionals improve and enhance their Health through Nutrition and Herbal Therapies.  

I specialize in Weight Loss, Detoxification, PCOS, Diabetes, Autoimmune, Cardiovascular (Hypertension and High Cholesterol), Gastrointestinal Disorders and Kidney Disorders, Fibroids, Cancer and so much more.

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My 6 Spice Story 

I actually chanced upon this tea blend back in November 2018.  I had these spices left over from herbal formulas I had made and they were nearing their expiration.  I opted to make a tea for a few weeks as not to waste them and found that I just felt better!  My neck and shoulder pain reduced significantly and this was with the old herbs. I ordered newer fresher herbs and OMG! I never looked back. My neck and shoulder pain is gone. 


I ended up using this tea to rid myself of  my habitual daily coffee habit and managed to get out of Adrenal Fatigue, boosting my energy, mood and reducing anxiety from November 2018 - the present.


I can drive in rush hour traffic now without panicking and short tunnels again without freaking out or taking the 30 minute detour. Not to mention, my neck and shoulder aches and pains are gone. 


I drink it daily. I used to drink 3 Tablespoons with cream and honey but now only drink 2 Tablespoons no cream. I still use honey and I feel great!  I also now eat the 2 tablespoons of herbs that forms at the bottom of my cup and no longer even use my press.  I had to play around with the dosing to find my sweet point.


Feel free to experiment with your own best practice! and keep me posted.

Hear what others are saying

about their use of this TEA and its results.

  • My 9 year old drinks about 1-2 teaspoons when she feels a sore throat coming on and it knocks it out. Sometimes we need to do 3-4 consecutive days others just one dose.

  • My coworker sent me a text last night noting that she increased her dose to 2 Tablespoons and had it with a soy based vanilla creamer. She said, "the pain I have on the left side of my body just disappeared."

  • It helped reduce allergy symptoms in a client I was working with who normally uses allegra D daily. Medication use was reduced. 

  • Another colleague added it to her weight loss regimen and reported losing 5 lbs in a week when she added it to her daily exercise and strict meal planning regimen. 


Organic Dried Ginger, Organic Turmeric, Organic Clove, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom and Fresh Ground Black Pepper.

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Njeri Kai Jarvis MS, RD, LDN - Herbalist

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     The beauty in feeding the body what it needs and wants is that the same Vegetable Based Whole Foods Meal Plans given to 100 different people for 100 different reasons, weather for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Hypertension or Food Sensitivities, tends to improve or even resolve these differing issues seamlessly. 

     The Use of Medicinal and Culinary Herbs can be both the foundation and the Cherry on Top.

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