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March 8, 2021

14 Day Mini Detox Group

Whats on your 2021 To Do List ?

  • Do you have goals you've been meaning to tackle, like weight loss, more exercise, eating healthier?

  • What's holding you back from banging them out and just doing it? 

  • Do you feel intimidated or that it's too hard?

  • Research shows there are 3 things that can be the difference between long term success and not even getting started. 

    1. Sense of Belonging​

    2. Cultivating a Growth Mindset

    3. Embracing Personal Goals and Values

Joining our 14 Day Mini Detox Group is the first step in establishing health habits for longterm success. The group support creates a true sense of belonging. 

Cultivating a Growth Mindset around healthy eating and healthy habits. In the 14 Day Mini Detox Group you will learn to step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals

This 14 Day Mini Detox Group will teach you the ideas, foods and actions that will become the values on which you will base your goals to easily and naturally establish healthy habits to last you a lifetime

What You Get

What You Get in this Mini Detox Program:

1. Access to an MS / RD - You will have unlimited access to your Board Certified Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine. You will have unlimited access to your RD via email, text and phone during designated office hours.

2. Comprehensive 14 Day Mini Detox eBook with step by step guides on best practices for detoxing.  It includes weekly Menus, Recipes and Shopping Lists that take the guess work out of planning and prepping. 

3. Orientation and Weekly Group Counseling and Education to help you establish new values around healthy eating, meal prepping and staying on course. These live sessions will be recorded and made available to easy viewing and follow up. 

4. Community Forum and Support Space - Here you can check in with your nutritionist and other like-minded participants proactively taking control of their health. 

Your Cost:

This Program is $85.00

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Your Cost:

This Program is


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