Add a Nutrition Presentation / Program

to Your Next Event. 

Green Goodness

Be a Catalyst for Change ! 


Book a PROGRAM with us. We will Provide health supportive education, recipes, resources along with a food demonstration.  This presentations also allows YOU to provide included discounts for your participants on additional Nutrition Services. 

Your Team, Church, Club, Family and Friends will thank you for years to come !   


Rates start as low at $200.00 depending on the number of participants and the level of detail for your food demonstration.  Programs range from 1 hour - 2 hours. 

Contact  Njeri Kai Jarvis at   or     202-390-4938

to discuss goals and details and get a quote. 

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Creating Vitality:

A 6 Step Approach !

Are you carrying extra weight that you just can’t get rid off?


Do your muscles and joints ache and make it difficult to do and enjoy the activities you used to?

Do you find your energy waning midday and find yourself reaching for coffee or something sweet to get through the last part of your day?


Is your focus and memory not as sharp is it used to be?

Learn things you won’t hear from your doctor about achieving your optimal weight, improving your energy and reducing your aches and pains.” 

We can provide and hands-on food demonstration with this talk as well. 

This program can be a 1 day talk or a 6 week program 

Contact  Njeri Kai Jarvis at   or     202-390-4938

to discuss goals and details and get a quote.