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Bear Nutrition & Herbs

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BNH - Artisanal Products


 Provides 30 (1 Tablespoon)

portions  (14.4 ounces).

BNH- 6Spice Anti-inflammatory Tea


Click Here to Download the PDF

on How to Brew and serve this tea

and have more information at your fingertips 


Organic Dried Ginger, Organic Turmeric, Organic Clove, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom and Fresh Ground Black Pepper. 

My story 

I actually chanced upon this tea back in November 2018.  I had these spices left over from herbal formulas I had made and they were nearing their expiration.  I opted to make a tea for so I wouldn't waste the herbsand found that I just felt better!  My neck and shoulder pain reduced significantly and this was with the old herbs. I ordered newer fresher herbs and OMG! I never looked back. My neck and shoulder pain is gone. 

I ended up using this tea to rid myself of  my habitual daily coffee habit and managed to get out of Adrenal Fatigue, boosting my energy, mood and reducing anxiety from November 2018 - the present.


I can drive in rush hour traffic now without panicking and short tunnels again without freaking out or taking the 30 minute detour. Not to mention, my neck and shoulder aches and pains are gone. 


I drink it daily. I used to drink 3 Tablespoons with cream and honey but now only drink 2 Tablespoons no cream. I still use honey and I feel great!  I also now eat the 2 tablespoons of herbs that forms at the bottom of my cup and no longer even use my press.  I had to play around with the dosing to find my sweet point.


Feel free to experiment with your own best practice! and keep me posted.

Hear what others are saying

about their use and its results.

  • My 9 year old drinks about 1-2 teaspoons when she feels a sore throat coming on and it knocks it out. Sometimes we need to do 3-4 consecutive days others just one dose.

  • My coworker sent me a text last night noting that she increased her dose to 2 Tablespoons and had it with a soy based vanilla creamer. She said, "the pain I have on the left side of my body just disappeared."

  • It helped reduce allergy symptoms in a client I was working with who normally uses allegra D daily. Medication use was reduced. 

  • Another colleague added it to her weight loss regimen and reported losing 5 lbs in a week when she added it to her daily exercise and strict meal planning regimen. 

Final Thoughts 

I used this tea to get off of coffee and out of adrenal fatigue.  I have used it with clients who have had allergies, back and shoulder pain, arthritis, sore throats and poor circulation. During the School year I give it to my children as a prophylactic to support the immune system during the cold and flu season. 

Though the directions say use it in a French press, lately, I have been putting 2 Tbsp it in a 12 oz thermos filled with hot water and drinking the whole thing, sludge and all.  This sludge helps feed the good bacteria of the gut so drink up!

What will you use it for?


Provides a 30 day Supply 

More BNH -Herbal Products

BNH - Vitamin & Mineral Herbal Syrup

If you are looking for an energy boost, this is it.

This product is great for Adults and Children, and especially for Vegans and Vegetarians who are unable to access key minerals from other food based sources such as Bone Broth based soups, which I often recommend.


This Syrup is made with Organic (Rose hips, Nettle, Wild Oat Tops and bottoms, Dong Quai, Cooked Rehmannia, Yellow Dock Root, Alfalfa Leaf, Red Clover Herb, Violet Leaf, Dried Ginger, cinnamon Chips), Unsulfured Dried Fruit (Apricots, Cherries, Raisins), Unsulfured Black Strap Molasses and Brandy as a preservative. 


Adults - take 1 Tablespoon Daily with food. It can be taken straight or added to Apple cider vinegar , 100% fruit juice or in a smoothie for a tasty drink.

*It can also be added to a late night cocktail to turn it into an elixir.

Children age 5 -12 (1-2 ) tsp straight or mixed in apple cider vinegar, 100% juice or a fruit smoothie

Children 12 and older can take 1-3 tsp as above.


Sold as a 2 bottle Set

BNH - LATca (Liver Adrenal Tonic "coffee" alternative)

This Liver Adrenal Tonic is for the person who is dealing with daily stress ( be it from work, family & the infamous DC commute). Regardless of the source, it helps manage stress that may be negatively affecting  your mental status and mood, especially during hormonal changes from monthly cycles or while transitioning to later life’s full glory. 


 This Tonic is a great way to remove coffee from the diet and help build stamina and strength.

Click HERE to get the full ingredient list and a downloadable PDF on how to brew and use. 


  1. (1) Tablespoon of the Herbal Tea Blend  along with 10 - 12 oz of water

  2. Cover the pot and bring the water and herbs to a boil

  3. Reduce heat and let simmer for 20 - 25 minutes covered

  4. Strain and enjoy. ​

  5. Sweeten with honey (OPTIONAL)

  6. Add Creamer (OPTIONAL) 


provides a 30 day supply