This Includes the 5 Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas  plus 1 Lung Vigor that are support during acute viral infection as well as for helping with prevention. 


It includes 6 Bottles:

5 Herbal Formula Made of:

1.  Bupleuri Relaxe  (May swap with  Bupleuri Liver Sooth or NeuroSoothe depending  on availablility of inventory due to COVID)

2. Stomach Damp Clear

3. Flemclear or you will get 2 Lung Vigor depending on inventory avialability due to COVID 

4. Mucoclear

5. Water off


1 Lung Support Formula 

1. Lung vigor due to COVID this has been runnig low



Aggressive Lung Support: Bundle 101

  • Take 5 tablets of each, 2-3 times a day.  If acutely ill you can increase the frequency to 4 - 6 times per day as tolerated. Contact your herbal health care provider for assitance as needed. 

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