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Let Me Share a Little With You First. Click on this Video to Learn What Herbs and Supplements I am using to boost my immune system. 

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FaceBook Live Recap 4/19/2020

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Food For Thought: Editorial Response

in the British Medical Journal on the Importance of Vitamin D during these extraordinary times. 

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The above Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas were Curated by BNH to help support you and your family during Acute Viral Infections. 


It is Best to use these herbal formulas in conjunction with each other.


We also recommend daily intake of a Commercial Bone Broth or a quick home made one (this is one of many examples) to support recovery.   Open this PDF to click on some videos that may also be helpful. And check out our RECIPE Page for Several Bone Broth Based Soups to add to your daily regimen. 

The Key 5 Herbal Mix for Immune Modulation and Lung Support:


  • Xiao Chai Hu Pian (Bupleuri Relaxe™) 200 mg 200 Tablets

  • Wu Ling Pian (Wateroff™) 200 mg 200 Tablets

  • Ping Wei Pian (Stomach Dampclear™) 200 mg 200 Tablets

  • Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Pian (Mucusolve™) 200 mg 200 tablets

  • Qing Qi Hua Tan Pian (Flemclear™) 200 mg 200 Tablets

  • Xiao Chai Hu Tang 5:1 Extract Granules 100 g (To be Used in Place of Bupleruir Relax when it is not in stock)

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