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30 Day Detox Group

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (Feb 2021)

"I appreciated how supportive, organized, prompt Njeri was throughout the entire process."

Mature happy woman smiling and looking a

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (Feb 2021)

What did you like most about the 30 Day Detox? 

"Every. Last. Thing."

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (Feb 2021)

"I liked the daily water break reminders."

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (Feb 2021)

"I enjoyed the detail provided in the weekly instruction on zoom and the offers to follow up if we had questions. The tone of the presentation was very positive and uplifting."

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Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (October 2020)

"The food information!! I learned so much about food."

Image by Prince Akachi

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (October 2020)

"What I learned in this detox was that....Every little bit is progress and good. ..pharmacology why we should detox and meal planning ...I can do without salt, coffee and and wine."

Image by Elizeu Dias

Anonymous (Exit survey)

30 Day Detox Group (October 2020)

"I learned how important it is to eat a plant-based diet, with minimal non-plant sources, in terms of maintaining good health. Conciously choosing pesticide-free, chemical-free foods can have a profound impact on our quality of life."

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Weight Loss

Image by Rui  Silvestre

Ignacio Washington

30 Day Detox Group (October 2020)

"I lost 12 lbs on the 30 Day Detox"

Image by Gustavo de Camargo

Clinton Ray

14 Day Detox Group (March 2021)

"I lost 7 lbs on the 14 Day Detox"

Image by Leon Ell'

Leslie Brown

30 Day Detox Group (Feb 2021)

"I lost 16 lbs on the 30 Day Detox."

Image by Alex Sorto

Brenda Aguniyego

30 Day Detox Group (October 2020)

"I lost 10 lbs on the 30 Day Detox."

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One on One Programs

Image by Ari Agustian

Julia Guillen Williams

Private Client

“I never felt a judgment from you because it helps me with acceptance of things.  My OB told me to stop eating bread and wine...something about how you communicate was very helpful. I also liked the format of it. I liked the phases of the liver detox. I didn’t feel like I had to shop for different foods and I was just using foods I had. I even love the beet juice with the blueberries. I think the sequence was good. I never felt like there were too many asks. You have also changed the way I think about things. I am not judging myself.  Even the weight loss, I never had to make a list about anything and I did not have to measure anything and it still worked.”

Image by Georgi Petrov

Jasmin Wilson 

Private Client

Hi Njeri,


I just got off the phone with my doctor and she noted I could possibly terminate the usage of my high blood pressure medications next month at our next check in. I want to say thank you for all of your encouragement, assistance, and support so far! I was told at the beginning of my diagnosis that it would be a lifetime of taking this medication due to my family's history with high blood pressure, which led me to a lack of motivation to change because of the "lifetime" label. You have truly inspired me in this journey in finding the courage and willingness to treat my body with the utmost respect. 


Again, thank you and I will definitely refer anyone I know with nutritional and digestive issues to you! 


Warmest regards,


- Jas

Jasmine O. Wilson, LICSW, LCSW-C

Clinical Consultant 

Image by The Humble Co.

Rebecca Renard Wilson

Private Client

Hey Njeri!


 Thank you so much, again, for sharing all that information in your videos about COVID prevention and just general wellness. I shared the links with the Renard and Wilson clans, and one of my husband’s cousins said, 

"Thank you sooooo much for sharing info on Njeri! She is an exceptional speaker who has lots of great ways to strengthen our mind and inner body! I love the idea of having a readily available “medicine” cabinet.In my opinion, she should be given a lead spot as a broadcaster on live television in Washington too!” :-) 

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