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The Next 30 Day Detox Group Starts January 25, 2021

The Next 30 Day Detox Group starts

January 25, 2021

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When you complete this Program you will know:

  • The proper order for detoxing the body and why. 

  • How to prevent problems associated with detoxing if the proper order is not followed.

  • The MUST HAVE Foods, Super Foods, Herbs and nutrients key for detoxing the body

  • Signs and Symptoms to look out for during a detox and how to resolve the "detox flu" if you develop it.

  • How to read and understand a food label. 

  • How to identify best foods to choose and foods to limit or avoid and why.

  • How to identify quality supplements and herbal products 

  • How to interpret new information about food, nutrition and supplements that is ever changing.

  • How to limit and avoid   exposures to toxins that may be preventing you from reaching your health and wellness goals.

  • Lifestyle supports that are key for supporting detoxification

  • The best places to purchase quality products at reduced prices

4 Weekly 1 Hour Counseling sessions  $300.00 


4 weeks of weekly "office hours" along with unlimited email access to your Nutritionist  $200.00


The BNH DETOX eBook with symptom tracker, weekly meal plans, grocery lists and recipes and recommendations upon completion: $30.00


30 Days of Detox Herbal Supplements included for Colon cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Kidney, Blood and Lymphatic Cleanses: $225.00


Group Forum Support $50.00


BNH Tote Bag and Supplement Carrying Case: $40.00


BNH Herbal Tea: $15.00


Certificate of Participation and Completion along with Discount Codes for future BNH services and Products: ($25 - $150) 


Total:  $910.00

But we are offering this today at $375.00

for a value savings of $535.00


Detox Package Cost


We Are offering a 40% off Discount

This is a savings of $560.00

You only Pay

$375.00 for the Entire 30 Day DETOX

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