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Bear Nutrition & Herbs

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Rooted in Integrative and Functional Nutrition, coupled with current clinical research, Bear Nutrition & Herbs has developed expertise in assisting patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to reduce their complications associated with the condition in addition to improving the kidney condition itself.


We use a holistic approach that includes a whole foods foundational meal planning approach, herbal/botanical treatments and other natural lifestyle therapies to achieve quality outcomes and improved kidney health in our patients. 

At Bear Nutrition & Herbs our practitioners:

  • Analyze each patient's unique history, severity of condition and overall health via a comprehensive assessment.

  • We then create a customized treatment plan, which will help patient's increase their energy level, improve their appetite and sleep quality as well as support reductions in edema and swelling by:

  • supporting: 

  • restoration of their kidney structure and function

  • Repair of kidney damage

  • Addressing various CKD complications

Our comprehensive treatments are effective because we address the root causes of CKD:

  • Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

  • Elevated Blood Sugar / Glucose management / Metabolic Syndrome

  • Anemia and Mineral and Botanicals needed to nourish the blood

  • Cardiovascular Health and the nutrients that support it

  • Chronic infections and inflammation commonly associated with CKD patients. 

We provide wrap around counseling and coaching support for our nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. This allows us to support our patients every step of the way on their journey to better kidney health.

Our patients can expect weekly "check-ins" via virtual video conferencing, phone calls, email and text that allows for more comprehensive and seamless implementation of our recommendations. This allows our patients greater potential for accurate implementation, adherence and real world success. 

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Renal Health & Wellness

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Renal Friendly Roasted Vegetables (Zucchini and carrots)

Kidney Health and Wellness is Vast and Varied.


However, in my 18 years of working with this population, I found that following general nutrition guidelines that support fresh, whole foods with vegetables and good quality protein at its base is still the way to go. 

Portion sizes and Frequency remain aspects of the diet than can be adjusted and should be considered based on your level of kidney function and your stage in diminished function 1-5. 

Click the link to download the Newsletter with education and recipes that we used for a food demonstration with Metro Renal and Associates Nephrology Practice in Washington, DC.

Learn More About Kidney Disease and Herbal Therapeutics


Click on this link to view a Power Point Presentation I gave for the Fresenius Kidney Care's Regional Social Worker - Dietitian Meeting exploring "Digestive Supports in Chronic Kidney Disease" I

Take a Look and let me know your thoughts. 


Click on this link to view a Power Point Presentation I gave for the National Kidney Foundation's Maryland Chapter Council on Renal Nutrition in 2016.  I explored the question, "Is There Room for Herbs and Functional Nutrition in Renal?"

Take a Look and let me know your thoughts. 

Reach out to me for questions or concerns or to schedule a consult for deeper diet personalization.

Njeri Kai Jarvis, MS/ RD/ LDN - Herbalist



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